Happy Mother’s Day

Here is a poem I wrote for my mom last Mother’s Day. Enjoy and celebrate!


One moment solidifies the connection for a lifetime.

I was brought into life within you.

Two hearts beating as one.

You loved me before even seeing me.

Then loved me even more when you finally did.

Two eyes connecting within the white, sterile room.

You were my life source, my protector.


As the years flew by,

You stayed by my side.

Showing me the beauty and horror of this life.

Teaching me to live and explore my inner self.

Believing in me when no one else did.

Supporting me through my bad decisions,

As well as the good ones.


Although now separated by distance,

I feel more connected to you than ever.

I am told I have your eyes, compassion, and beauty.

We are now two best friends exploring the world together.

I get to take care of you, like you took care of me.

I love you, Mom.




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2 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. roblyons

    This is great. I love how you’re mixing school, technology, and personal stuff on your blog. It makes me happy that you still activiely write in this space, and that it wasn’t just for your last class. I look forward to continuing to follow your thoughts here.


    • Thanks, Rob! I hope to have more time over the summer. I love to write and started working with video… did you see the video I made too? And I feel like this would be a great place to store and share my creative work. Thank you for introducing us to this site. I would really love to maintain it!

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