My Reflections: A Possible Grant Proposal

My Reflections: A Possible Grant Proposal

            In the Connected Educator: Learning and Leading in a Digital Age, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach states, “Only through reculturing – changing the values, dispositions, and beliefs we have about the purposes of school – will we be able to shift teaching and learning to a higher level” (617). I believe that this quotation represents the challenge that we, as educators, must embrace in order to bring technology into the classroom and engage students in a digital school environment. The school environment has not changed in the last fifty years. When one thinks about a school, what comes to mind? Students sitting in rows with a teacher standing in front writing on a chalkboard? Or students sitting in groups utilizing different technologies in order to meet their learning goals while the teacher roams around the classroom engaging with his/her students? I believe that most people would think about the first scenario, even though the second one has the most potential to reach children that live in this new technological world.

This class has forced me to think about the processes of learning that we see today. With all of these new tools at our disposal, why not integrate them into the curriculum? Most students are utilizing these technologies at home. I believe that it is imperative for schools to integrate these technologies into unit and lesson plans in order for students to become engaged and receive an education based on authentic scenarios that they may find themselves in the future. We need to keep up with these constantly changing technologies in order to better prepare our students for what will come in 2050 and beyond!

Taking my experiences in this class, I would love to utilize a flipped classroom, collaborative format in my prospective classrooms. I would love to be able to record my own lessons, as well as have my students record their own work. In order to make this a reality, I would like to write a grant proposal for twenty iPads and one Smartboard for my classroom. My students would be able to take the iPads home and watch the videos for homework, as well as create their own videos in class using the iMove app. I would be able to integrate more technology into my lessons through the use of the Smartboard, as well as display my students’ movies to the rest of the class. With these tools at my disposal, students will be able to complete their online assignments at home, gain experience using a new technological tool, and use their creativity to create authentic assignments that can later be posted on a class websites for others to see and benefit from.

Reculturing needs to start in the classroom, and what better way to help our future students by starting this process now.


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  1. roblyons

    Jessica This is a great idea and something that I hope you can build upon next quarter. I love Sheryl’s premise that the necessary shifts in education will only begin once significant “reculturing” occurs. Don’t lose sight of the fact that these shifts will take place locally. You can’t wait around for things to happen – Be the change you want to see in your world

    You did a great job this quarter in my class. I appreciate your dedication and hard work you contributed to our learning community.

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