The Connected Educator: Quote # 9

This quote really forced me to think about my future with technology. I have another semester in this program, and that is wonderful, but what am I going to do afterwards? Technology is always changing, and it is very difficult to keep up with it.

“Growing a personal learning network takes time, effort, and perseverance.” – While I really hope that I can continue my posts on this blog, my work on my website, my networks on Schoology… it scares me to think about the time I am going to have to commit to keeping updated. I am starting to understand more and more why many teachers shy away from technology. It is an amazing tool in the classroom, but teachers must work very hard to incorporate this tool into their lessons, work, and overall lives.

I know that I am going to have to work on my impatience in order to continue my work with media and technology. I believe that I am ready, but that is easier said than done.


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