The Connected Educator: Quote # 8

“However, I feel it is a disservice to children when educators become so enthralled with the tools that they lose sight of what is most important – the learning.” I see this happening in schools all the time. While I was in my senior year of High School, Smartboards were brand new, and I remember that my Economics teacher was the lucky winner of the first device in her classroom. Unfortunately, this amazing device was never used. She did not take the time to learn how to use the device in order to enhance our learning. She mainly used the board for typing notes and showing movies. While this was back in 2007, I still see this happening in classrooms today.

All teachers want new technology, but sometimes they focus so much on obtaining the new tool that they do not learn how to incorporate this tool into their teaching. This is not a good place to be in. Tools do change, and they change frequently. We, as teachers, must learn how to keep updated while confronting financial issues. My hope is that more teachers learn how to incorporate these technologies into their lessons in an engaging and meaningful way.


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