The Connected Educator: Quote # 7

Technology is the future. Currently, I am reading Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and I have to say, this novel terrifies me (along with 1984 and Feed)! This quotation reminded me of Huxley’s novel. By utilizing technology is our classrooms, we are definitely preparing our students “for an unknown future.” Technology is changing and progressing faster than anything we have seen before. I mean, the iPad 3 is already coming out! I, on the other hand, do not even own a smartphone. But, that is a completely different topic… With these advancements occurring as fast as they are today, who knows what the future will look like. Maybe we will be driving space cars!

Anyway, I believe that technology has enabled teachers to provide their students with authentic activities. For example, students can practice their writing skills by utilizing blogs. While class journals are only seen and graded by the teacher, blogs can be seen by anyone entering the virtual world! This type of authentic learning encourages students to produce their best work possible. And as an English teacher, I love these types of assignments. My hope is that more teachers begin to learn about and embrace these new technologies in order to prepare our students for an unknown world.


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  1. Jess you hit this on the nose! This quote says it all…through technology students will gain a deeper understanding of the world. And like you said, technology is growing so quickly it’s hard to keep up! It reminded me of that Best Buy (I believe) commercial where someone buys something and then sees an ad for the newer addition and its like “I just got this…” what was the sense of buying it if a new ones going to come out tomorrow.

    I also love the fact that technology expands and takes learning out of the classroom, making it possible for children to use how they learn in their everyday lives. I too feel that by students working on activities through fun and creative sites, they’ll look more forward to learning without realizing that they’re doing work. And I’m with you, I too hope teachers will embrace the new way of teaching and learning in order for their students to be prepared for the unexpected and take what they learn to a whole new level.

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