The Connected Educator: Quote # 6

I found this quote to be extremely fascinating. Although we don’t think about it, we really are always learning something new. Learning is a process that continues unconsciously while we engage in conversation with others, tune into the local news channel, read our favorite novels, magazines, or newspapers, and drive around towns, cities, and landmarks. As Dewey said, education really is a social process. I believe that this is a powerful statement that we as teachers can use in order to encourage our students. Learning does not have to come from a textbook or boring lecture; learning is a process that we all utilize in order to prepare, inhabit, and succeed in life. When we learn new things, whether it is to go to the bathroom or to write a formal essay, we are able to apply our new knowledge to help us face obstacles down the road, become a part of the community, and understand new ideas and concepts. I hope that we can instill this message in our students. Learning does not only occur in school. As Dewey stated, “education is life itself.”


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  1. What a great quote to live by as an educator: “Education is life itself.” And what a great point Dewey makes, that we are not becoming educated to prepare for life but that our education is life. I also found his statement about learning what/when we want to to be very true. I know for a fact that if I am not interested in something, no matter what I do, no matter how many times it is taught to me, I will not remember it for longer than I have to. Jess, like you said we learn something new everyday, but whether or not we do apply it to help us in our future depends on whether or not we were interested in the topic and if it was presented in a memorable way.

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