The Connected Educator: Quote # 2

In my opinion, this do-it-yourself attitude is a blessing and a curse! I am a very cautious person. I want to do everything right, and that means I want a clear set of tasks to complete. Self-discovery is very scary for me. I am extremely nervous to try new things; that is why I had to push myself to pursue this degree. Our students today want to look up things on their own phones. They grew up in a time where everything is at their fingertips. I believe that we have to remember this as teachers. We must learn to encourage self-discovery without emphasis on always getting the “right” answer. We all must learn from our own mistakes.



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2 responses to “The Connected Educator: Quote # 2

  1. Jennifer Rodriguez

    Jessica, you are absolutely right! Our students today rather find out answers/solutions on their own as opposed to be told the answer. Unlike us who had to go to libraries and use encyclopedias, they are accustomed to searching it on their smart phones. Much like you, this has been difficult for me. As scary as it is sometimes it is also exciting. I am enjoying learning how to have things at my disposal. I’m hoping to get better at it!

  2. Jess,

    I also wrote about this “do it yourself” movement and feel very similar to you. I am also cautious as I’m sure you’ve noticed and ask many questions for answers so I know how to do something however, when on my own with no one there to help, I am forced to figure things out. And as much as I worry if I’m doing it right, I do enjoy figuring things out on my own and like the feeling of knowing “I” did it. Teachers should definitely encourage this method more often even if its only for a short time as a way to introduce a topic.

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